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Welcome to the website of the Central European Technology Management Consulting Ltd. (CETEMCOM)

Our company is 100% Hungarian-owned company, that provides many services with many years of experiences.

Central European Technology Management Consulting (CETEMCOM) provide many services. The primary fields of our company are nuclear and electricity, environmental protection, expert consultancy and conference organization. Apart from these, our services include wage work, real estate investment, and foreign trade primarily between Vietnam and Hungary (such as the sale of modern technical equipment, and pharmaceuticals).

CETEMCOM Ltd. provides mainly:

  • Management of international and domestic projects
  • Supply of turnkey equipment and systems for domestic and international projects
  • Counseling for domestic and foreign companies and partners
  • Delegation of experts and consultants to both Hungarian and foreign clients
  • Organization and carrying out of training. In our education, we organize high quality, small and practical courses for our clients.
  • Conferences, lectures, congresses organized at different locations according to your needs
  • Coordination and organization of co-operation with universities and other educational institutions
  • Trade (including outstanding quality, modern technical equipment, medicines and etc).
  • Renovation works.
  • Real estate investment.
  • Offices, business premises, hotels.
  • Lease work (sheet metal processing, laser cutting).

If you would like to know more about our services, please feel free to contact us.